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The internet is immensely complex and varied, there are thousands of programs out there.  Our service is comparable with the service your family doctor provides.  We take an educated look at the symptoms of your problem.  Based on an understanding of that we can suggest the best way forward.  That might be a fix, it might be further diagnostics or it might be referral to a specialist.

In addition to fixing internet problems we can also provide web hosting, domain name management and web design services. If all you need is a problem fixing we’ll not require you to use those other services.

We have a wide and extensive experience of IT systems and of the various service providers.  What we are offering is access to that expertise.  We don’t know every product in the market, we can’t fix everything.  Nobody can. Our aim is to help you make progress with whatever your problem may be.  We aim to offer a complete resolution but sometimes the outcome will be; who to ask next, what to ask of them.

There’s a massive range of issues people have with internet technology, below is an outline of the kind of approach we take but every case is different.

  • First and most important is to gather the information needed to understand the problem.
  • Next we use that information to diagnose the possible cause.  At this stage it might not be clear, there could be any of several causes.
  • We may need to narrow the options by further enquiries to see which of the possible causes can be eliminated and then prioritise any remaining.
  • Hopefully we will be down to a single probable reason so now we might want to do something to confirm or reject that reason.
  • Knowing the reason enables us to propose a fix.
  • The fix may be something we can do, if it’s simple there’s no extra cost.  Otherwise we aim to provide an explanation you can use to fix the problem yourself or require one of your service providers to do.
  • We may offer an affordable fix too but there is no obligation and we’ll not pressure you.
  • Whatever your problem, for only £20 we will at least provide an expert second opinion.
  • If we offer a fix we will quote a fixed cost and a target timeframe.  Very often the fix is inexpensive, see our case studies page to gain an understanding of what we can do and what it might cost.

Prevention is better than a cure –  we can provide advice on how to reduce the risks of problems or at how to recover from a disaster should the need arise.