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We can’t fix everything, but perhaps we can still help.

ZERO RISK! There’s no charge for an initial yes/no response as to whether we believe we can help.
We are NOT a subscription service, we’ll just handle the task in hand, no future committment required.
We are NOT an SEO or marketing operation, our focus is on the technical aspects of making your web site function as intended.

While we’d love to be able to fix everything not only is the internet immensely complex, it is also fast evolving and developing.  There are so many products and services involved in web site construction, configuration and maintenance that even keeping up to date with a limited working set is a full time job.

What we can normally do is provide an independent assessment of a situation.

If we can provide an insight and perhaps propose a way forward that’s going to help there’s a small fee (£20) for examining the issue in more detail.  Sometimes it’s useful to know the bad news so you don’t waste more time in a pointless pursuit of a fix for a problem.  Sometimes that initial fee is even enough for us to fix the problem.


What can’t we do?

Just as your Family Doctor wouldn’t undertake your heart surgery operation,  there’s software and technologies that are unfamiliar to us.  It may not be cost-effective for us to undertake the necessary learning-curve to solve in-depth problems with unfamiliar software.

Like your Family Doctor that doesn’t mean we can’t offer some advice as to your best way forward but we won’t attempt to take on the remedial work on something we are not fully competent to work on.  Our focus is on the most widely used core underlying technologies.

In the unlikely event that your website uses Microsoft IIS (Internet Information Services) we can take a look but all we may be able to offer is help to convert it to the most widely used technology.

Recovering a hacked web-site is another area where it’s best to involve a specialist in the particular software and configuration your web site uses but we may be able to provide a temporary fix – think of that as like the services that will board-up your shop window pending the arrival of the glaziers with a new sheet of plate glass. See the case studies.

Every web site owner wants to be “Top in Google search results”.  There’s a thriving market in SEO (Search engine optimisation) full of experts proposing to do just that, often for very substantial fees.
As a website owner you might not want to hear this and an SEO provider would strongly disagree:  In our experience – well, the experience of some clients who have taken up such SEO offerings – it is very seldom money well spent.
As a Business Link adviser once said to me “SEO providers are the snake-oil merchants of the internet”.

There are actions you can take to improve the prominence of your web site in Google search results but anyone promising top ranking is a liar.  Here’s a simple test.  Suppose an SEO contacts you to offer improvements.  Why not go looking for them on Google?  Often they’ll not even come top even in response to a search for their company name.  Try a more realistic search like “Search optimisation in Sheffield” (or wherever they are based), seldom will they appear on the first page of results.  How can they give you undertakings to deliver Google rankings they can’t achieve for their own web site?

We don’t want to join the snake-oil salesman, if SEO is what you want, look elsewhere. For free authoritative advice where better to start than with Google’s own SEO starter guide.

So much for straight-talking: if you have a question you think we may be able to help with please do get in touch.  The initial response will be prompt, authoritative and free.  If it’s a task better directed elsewhere we’ll tell you.  If we believe we can help then, for us to spend a little more time and deliver at least some advice it will only cost £20.