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Update services

You’ve got a website but that’s not the end of the story.  You will need to make changes, probably not very frequently. That soon becomes a problem. Maybe it was a DIY website and when you created it you spent a long time finding your way around the system.  Maybe it was an “easy to use, one-stop web builder and hosting package”.  Maybe you employed a web designer who created an” easy to update” web site for you.
It’s when you come back, maybe a few months later to make a small change. With a bit of luck you can still find the login details but can you remember how it all works?  If you can, that’s just great (assuming you have the time).

We have two options for you:

  • One-off on-demand updates.  If it’s straightforward then there’s a one-off charge of £20, occasionally we may need to quote a higher price if it’s a bit more complicated.
  • We provide an update and maintenance service for several regular clients. This may be a monthly menu change for a restaurant or it could be any other type of change on-demand. For regular customers we collect tasks into annual or periodic itemised invoices to further reduce the admin overhead. In that case we charge for each incident according to the effort involved (only seeking advance agreement if the cost of an individual incident is likely to cost more than an agreed limit, usually £20). If we are able to hold copies of your logon credentials that reduces the time we need to spend on the task and hence the cost.