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web site appraisal and advice, redesign, redevelopment, recovery, repair.


Our aim is to provide anyone who has a problem with their existing website with a way of fixing it.

  • You may have built your own website and are struggling with some aspects.
  • You may have used a professional designer but have now lost contact for some reason.
  • It may just be that you need an urgent change but the person who would normally help is on holiday.
  • Maybe you have the skills to make changes and updates in-house but you are too busy with higher priorities.
  • We can also help with specialised training or tutorials on many aspects of making best use of the Internet.

Our services are of potential benefit not just to owners of existing websites but also to smaller web-design companies without access to the range of skills we offer.

We will undertake that work and guarantee that we will not make any attempt to intervene in the relationship between such a design company and their client.

Whatever the reason you need help, we are here to provide it!

See a fuller list of examples of what we can offer, below ..

"" You are in safe hands with us!
  In the business for over 15 years and most of our work still coming from recommendations! Read more ..
  Example Services:

If you have seen a feature you like on a website, we will do our best to create you something similar or improve on the original.

What we can offer:

  • Add a "secure certificate". Browsers will show the little green padlock icon. This is reassuring to customers and gains priority in Google Search, this once costly option is now easy and inexpensive to add.
  • Add a customer response form.
  • Make the site "responsive" so it works well on small screens (mobile phones and tablet computers). One day I'll get around to making that change to this web site!
  • Convert an existing site to a technology better suited to your needs (e.g. WordPress).
  • Is your relative ignorance of the technology being taken advantage of? We can provide an independent second opinion.
  • Add a news page you can easily update.
  • Add the ability for non-English speakers to view your site in their language.
  • Maybe you are not good at creating sales material and need help with the text content of your website.
  • Repair, replace, improve images.
  • Replace cheap looking “clip-art” images with new professionally designed images.
  • Improve search engine positioning.
  • Replace the home page with one which is more “search engine friendly”.
  • Reduce file sizes for faster web-page loading.
  • Add a searchable catalogue.
  • Add a “site search”.
  • Add a Site Map.
  • If you have a number of stockists we can provide a "postcode proximity search" to locate the closest retailer to your customer's postcode.
  • Add a dynamic map - e.g. a UK map with "hot spots". When a visitor moves the mouse over a location a box opens showing more information about that location or, if the visitor clicks, they are taken to a corresponding web-page.
  • Improve customer response forms to validate input, reject forms with essential fields left blank, add new form functions.
  • Add a customer mailing list program.
  • Move the site and domain name to a faster/more reliable host.
  • Help with domain name registration and configuration issues.
  • Configure your domain to process email messages more effectively.
  • Implement analytics to enable you to track how visitors are finding/using your web site.
  • Report on log files (many users have log files available but don’t understand how to interpret them).
  • Fix errors displayed as your pages load or operate.
  • Add “remember this user” features to the web page.
  • Add a feed from your Facebook pages (so what you add to Facebook shows on the web site too).
  • Add a photo gallery.
  • Implement an industry-specific interactive calculator.
  • Add a secure (passworded) section - e.g. operating manuals for registered customers or service manuals for your field engineers.
  • Add a counter. Just tell us what you want counting! For example we can provide a count-down (days/hours/minutes/seconds) to an event.

These are just a few possibilities. If there is a feature you'd like, whether on the list above or not, ask us and we'll make a recommendation.

An interesting link which explains (in great detail!) just what program code is. It's a long and difficult read but worth the effort if you want a better understanding.