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Occasionally when I fix a small problem for a client I will post a report here.  Larger tasks may be reported on the Case Studies page.  The client isn’t identified but may recognise the story.

Link domain name to Shopify

The client had an existing domain name she wished to route to her new Shopify web site. One option would be to transfer the domain name to Shopify but that is a tricky process (a little more so with .com names rather than .co.uk).  Better is to use the internet DNS system to route web traffic from her current internet host while leaving everything else (primarily email) untouched. This is nominally "easy" just add an A record with the IP address of the Shopify website (and, equally easy, a...

Website content changes

This caller has a website developed some years ago. It includes details of their training courses as PDF documents.  The site is maintained by and hosting provided by a small internet business. The client doesn't know how to change those documents (or add/delete courses) and their designer can't be bothered with small tasks (takes too long, charges too much). The client needs a prompt and affordable solution. From our perspective a straightforward task but being an old site it involves working...

Can’t add new entries to database

This was the same client that a few weeks earlier found their database wasn't working at all. The temporary fix they implemented worked in respect of looking up existing entries they now found that they couldn't add new items. The cause was very difficult to diagnose. I resorted to implementing my own separate program code to add items.  That worked so next I compared my "save to database" program code with theirs. There was no relevant difference. A real mystery. Now when you collect data on...

Database no longer working

The client had a website that had suddenly stopped showing the contents of a database. Neither their web designer nor web hosting company knew why and had no solution. Diagnosis was easy and the web hosting company in particular should have immediately identified the cause. The host web server had upgraded the version of a key software element, the extensively used PHP programming language.  As it was their action that caused the problem they should have identified it - and will probably be...