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Get in touch now.

Don’t put the problem off any longer, it can only get worse.
We are often able to respond same-day (weekends included).

To get in touch please call 0114 299 8285 and leave your contact details and a brief summary of your problem on the answerphone.  We will be alerted and aim to respond same day, often within minutes.

We can help you best if you are ready with the necessary information about your problem.

These are some of the things we may need, we probably won’t need them all but if at all possible you should have them available.

Firstly we need to understand the problem in simple terms like “when I do xxx, yyy should happen but actually the result is zzz“, if we need to know more we’ll ask.

Then we may want to know:

  • If this is a new problem then when did the problem first arise.
  • Your web site address
  • What changes could have happened since the last time everything was working correctly.
  • Who are the various service providers involved: web & email service providers, web designer, broadband provider.
  • Any error messages.
  • Anything you know about the software used to create your web site.

Later we might need more including various log-in credentials to fix the problem.

What’s this going to cost?

We recognise that some of those looking for help are on tight budgets, maybe an individual with a hobbyist website, a small club or society: a local history group, small sports club, amateur dramatics society, choir.  That’s why we make it easy and affordable.  The cost of fixing a problem obviously depends on the nature of the problem ranging from a few pounds to… well the sky’s the limit! We are here to make a living, not a killing. We are perfectly happy to fix the small problems others can’t be bothered with and as you can see from the the case studies page, we can and do deliver inexpensive fixes where that’s all the customer needs.

Large businesses have the same need, a manager sometimes not knowing where to turn for independent advice.  Your in-house or costly external experts may not come up with the best or most cost effective solutions see the case studies page. We have handled tasks for several UK “household name” organisations.

Our initial offering is the same to all-comers:

It costs nothing to ask... First off send us a brief explanation of what you wish to achieve.  We will indicate whether we believe we can help.

If we believe we can add some value and help you progress the issue in some way we will request a small payment of just £20.  Think of that as the call-out fee you’d pay a plumber or electrician for an initial visit to assess the situation. 

Continuing the tradesman call-out analogy; the electrician may just need to show you how to reset the circuit breaker in your fuse box and might make no further charge.  Similarly we might just need to explain a setting you need to change, see the case studies page.  In that case the “call-out” fee is all you need pay.

The electrician may find that the circuit breaker activated because of a wiring fault that calls for more work.  He will tell you what it will cost to remedy and offer to undertake the work.  We do something comparable, see the case studies page.

Occasionally the electrician may determine that the problem is extensive, an old house with 80 year old cables, the insulation is flaking off, it’s a fire hazard and you need a complete rewire.  It’s going to cost £thousands, you’ll probably want to get quotes from one or two other electricians.  That’s no problem, please use our diagnosis to help get the best quote.

Ongoing maintenance: perhaps you’ve needed a boiler engineer to fix a small problem.  Having fixed the immediate problem he might offer annual boiler servicing.  We do something similar in respect of web sites.  We provide a service to several clients who have “easy to update” web sites.  The problem is that it might take them an hour to work out how to make the change because it’s something they do so infrequently.  They might need to dig out support notes to remind them of the process, maybe have a few false starts because the notes missed a key point.  It might be that from an expert technician’s point of view the task is easy but a lot harder for anyone else.  It may be easier to drop us an email to say “Here’s a product image, description and price, please can you add this to our online shop” than to make the update yourself.  In those situations we will make a small charge for each instance.

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The team

We operate as an informal group of independent contractors with individual specialisms. This give us the flexibility to respond rapidly to changing circumstances.  Most of us work largely from home offices facilitating flexible working including out-of-hours work should the need arise.  By minimising overheads with no premises, no commuting, no full time employees, we are best able to provide competitively priced services.