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website design & development, website maintenance, Sheffield (UK) based.

About us:

Website Rescue is a division of LaserTechnik. We have operated in South Yorkshire since 1995 (previously trading as Web Technik Ltd)

Since we started building websites in 1995 we have seen an astonishing number of other people in the area starting businesses trying to do the same. One of the problems their clients face is that with so much competition many cease to trade within the first year or two.

That's unlucky for you if you were one of their clients.

The reason for so much competition in the web design industry is that there are scarcely any barriers to entry to the market. People think all you need is a computer and a bit of web-design software. That’s wrong. Among other things you need

  • talent, imagination, creativity
  • experience and skill in visual design and the software tools to facilitate that - typically Adobe Photoshop
  • experience and skill in the underlying technologies - not just the basic code (HTML & CSS) used to build pages but also programming languages (like PHP and Javascript) to deliver interactive functions.
  • You also need to know how to administer and configure the web and email servers to best advantage.
  • Perhaps most important of all is that you need to know how to put your message across - marketing and copy-writing skills.
  • Hardest to acquire is experience, it can only come from years of working with the technologies, there is no alternative. The benefit is that when a problem crops up someone with experience will find the best resolution quickly and inexpensively.

Can we fix every problem?

The range of tools and technologies has expanded enormously and we can't keep abreast of the quirks of every web site building product. Some program generated web sites can only realistically be updated using the same original product, even for tasks as simple as changing a single word. If we can't fix your problem we can usually at least explain your options.
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