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 Affordable website maintenance and support for Pubs and other small businesses

As a frequent customer I’m concerned at the number of pub websites in need of some attention. I have the expertise and I want to help.

Since 2000 we’ve lost a quarter of our pubs. Covid, the Ukraine situation and the cost of living have added to the problems of those that remain.  Pubs are a vital part of the life-blood of our communities, we must help them thrive in these challenging times. 

Welcome to Website Rescue, where we breathe new life into your digital presence. As the online landscape evolves, it’s crucial to stay ahead. With our web design and support services, we’ll help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise. Together, we can revitalize your website, ensuring it thrives amidst the ever-changing tides. Join us on this journey towards a vibrant and successful online presence.

Not a pub?  We can offer similar to any small business or organisation. Read on, for more information try the other menu items.


There’s no charge for asking if we can help. Whatever your problem, our decades of working on all aspects of the internet put us in a strong position to solve problems others can’t.

Explain what’s causing you concern and we’ll give a yes or no answer as to whether we think we can help.  I repeat: no charge. We are running a business here so if you ask us to provide detail of the solution,  that’s the point at which we’ll quote a price.

It may be as simple as explaining a bit of the technology you need clarifying or giving an impartial opinion if you think someone is “pulling the wool over your eyes” to get you to spend unnecessarily.

Security alert

Are your website visitors seeing scary security notifications? Even if you have a SSL security certificate it may not be properly configured or there can be other causes which are harder to spot. It’s OK, we’ve seen those problems before and fixed them.

Out of date content

That “easy to use” system to edit your website isn’t as easy as the salesperson told you.  The result? Out of date opening times, wrong contact details, last year’s “upcoming events listing”, pictures of bar staff you parted company with. You need the help of a computer wizard – but isn’t that expensive? Not us:  fast, affordable and effective updates are our speciality.

Old news

If you have a news page you need to keep adding updates. The picture shows a site that had been updated once every 2 months.  That’s not enough and the most recent was just a New Year greeting but it’s better than many I’ve seen that merely have a single news item “Welcome to our new website” for years after the site was launched. If you have a news page use it to deliver news your visitors might get some value from. I very nearly attended an event “advertised” on a website as being “next Thursday at 7:00 pm” but no date was shown. I checked, the event was 2 years ago!

I understand the problem, you find the technical aspects of the update a bit tricky.  We can do those tasks for you.  What we can’t do is to create the news stories, only you know when your next quiz night will be.

Domain names

We can advise on choice of name then purchase and configure it to direct traffic to your web site and to route emails as appropriate. We can take over management of an existing name and provide no-hassle expert ongoing support and maintenance. 

Website hosting

Choosing a web hosting service is a minefield. With little IT knowledge you need to make an important technical decision about which service to use. Prices range from free to £thousands a year. There are reasons for that. Free or cheap services come with strings and/or limited capabilities.  I’d not expect a small business like a pub to be paying as much as £200 a year or as little as £50 a year.  And then there are the price hikes: yes it’s only £2.50 a month for the first year, after that it’s £10.  Or You need an SSL security certificate, that’s an extra £50p.a
With our hosting the price you pay includes everything you need, it may occasionally increase with inflation or if your website becomes very popular and exceeds the very generous capacity we provision you with.

If you are paying too much or service levels are poor, we can probably offer a better deal. Don’t worry about moving the site, we can usually do that too.


When we quote a timescale and price we stick to both.  If you change your mind about the requirements then we may need to revisit the costs – yes you can request that extra feature but it will cost a bit more.
Who do you trust to have login credentials to work on your web site? Do you want to run the risk of using someone with sloppy security? The risk of inadvertently transferring a virus from their PC to your website? Or leaking your password so the website gets defaced? Our MD spent decades working for a global Banking corporation on their IT systems and websites, security was the utmost priority.  That matters. 

Broken web site?

Broken web site? It’s not uncommon to come across websites that display error messages and warnings or simply fail to function properly. Many of these issues can be easily resolved, but it takes expertise to do so. Even if you possess the necessary skills, time might be a constraint.  Website Rescue specialise in resolving problems that have stumped others, often in a matter of minutes.

Regular maintenance

Routine updates cost less! Suppose you like to replace your menu every month for example, when we’ve done it once, doing the same again is easier so we charge a bit less!  The more use you make of our service the less we charge for each instance.  Just drop us an email with the changes you need and it will be done, often same day and even outside normal office hours.

Top listing on Google...

We can’t deliver that, nobody can.  That doesn’t stop people emailing you with exactly that proposal. They will offer to fix problems you didn’t know your website had.  That’s because they’re wrong but they hope you don’t know that.  It’s spam, delete it. Our free advice for improving your visibility on Google is to follow Google’s advice to webmasters.  Getting everything right is near impossible and takes days of technical effort, you can’t afford the time and you can’t afford the fees a competent expert will quote. There are simple things most businesses can do to improve, not necessarily their Google ranking, but something more important – their profits. Website improvements are one of the ways to achieve that.

All your eggs in one basket?

“One-stop-shop” web services like Wix or SquareSpace sound attractive, they take all the decisions for you and deliver their standard service. In theory you can make your own updates and everything is supposed to be simple.  We can do the same but we don’t lock you into a walled garden and we don’t use a single source but seek out the “best of breed” for every service you need.  If you don’t like their services, moving elsewhere is intentionally difficult. They are keen to sell various “optional extras”.  Disregard promotional offers, their high renewal prices more than pay for any initial discount. 

Illiterate Web Designer?

We can all make mistakes with spelling and grammar. We can forgive the occasional typo, but a website filled with glaring errors reflects poorly on the business.
Perhaps some of the faults lie with the web designer, but the owner ultimately takes responsibility.
Whether we like it or not, people are judging us based on the content of our website.

Many web design companies outsource portions, if not all, of their work to countries with significantly lower pay rates, often resulting in poor English language skills. These same individuals are the ones we typically interact with when we contact a help desk.
So the question arises, can you identify and correct these mistakes?

Maybe you weren’t an exceptional English student, or perhaps you struggle with the update mechanisms.
We can’t claim to be entirely free of typos, but we make a genuine effort, as updates are our specialty.
We’re not perfect, and you may find errors on this site, but whenever we notice something amiss, we promptly fix it.

We all get problems but...

Problems are given to you for a purpose. They are opportunities in disguise. At Website Rescue, we understand the value behind these challenges. We believe that every problem holds the potential for growth and transformation. We are dedicated to helping you find creative solutions that propel your online presence to new heights. Consider the negative feedback you will sometimes find in online reviews. Can you turn it around?  You may not be able to pacify that individual but maybe they have a point, can you embrace that and change the way you operate for the better?

Unresponsive web designer

When you want something done you want it done quickly, affordably and correctly. Many web designers are only interested in building new web sites, they don’t want the hassle of small tasks they can only charge a few pounds for.  Yes if you press them they’ll accept the task but they’ll not give the it priority and they’ll charge a lot.

One client, a driving instructor, had been quoted £150 to replace the photo of his car when he bought a new vehicle. Even if it needed a few tweaks that’s just too much.  We did it immediately and charged £20.

£20 just to upload a photo? There’s more to it than that.  It’s right to say making the photo “internet ready” (reduce the file size from an unnecessarily large size of over 2000kb to 200kb for faster loading with no visible loss of quality) and upload it takes a few minutes, not worth £20?  True – up to a point: most of the cost comes from start-to finish time for the overall task. That includes the exchange of emails with the client, obtaining log-in credentials, understanding how his web site works, finding our way round his web-hosting service (yes, they’re all different!), creating an FTP account to upload the file, recording the transaction in our accounts package.
Regular updates cost less because there’s less of that admin overhead.  

Error pages

Well that one is at least a bit better than what the user sees if the web designer didn’t create a 404 error page, this is an example:

Better still is to make sure there are no errors.  Second best is to show a list of pages the user might find useful, no need to scare them with big bold and unhelpful 404 ERROR!


Image sourcing or manipulation

Digital photos are not well suited for the web without at least some basic tweaks.  Ideally they need to be in roughly “postcard” format i.e. 5×3. There is no point in having a photo 5000px wide when nobody has a screen wide enough to display it, nor need it be at the resolution needed for a printed glossy magazine. Even with fast broadband large images can be slow to load.  Those with slow broadband will get impatient and find another website.  Also Google penalise slow-loading websites in their search results.

We can also apply a wide range of technical tweaks to images or help source suitable stock images.

Anything you need, just ask, if we can help we will.

Key requirements for a pub web site

I’m hiker, that means I’m a pretty frequent visitor to pubs. There’s information I need when I’m planning a walk ending at a pub.  I’m astonished at the number of times I have difficulty finding that information.  Thease are the “headline” items:

  • Location – at least a Google map with a marker pin in the right place.  Do it right and register the pub with Google so it’s even easier to find out about you. It’s not difficult.
  • Opening hours – if you change opening times then update the website.  It’s not difficult.
  • Food service times, as above.
  • Upcoming events – Have a prominent headline on the home page, kept up to date, possibly linked to a “news blog”.  Marketing to attract customers at times when business is normally quiet (“happy- hour”, quiz night, discounted meals, gourmet evening). On the other hand if the pub is booked for a party or funeral wake,  a headline to alert others that you may not be able to provide your usual high standards of service to casual visitors.
  • Menus – ideally NOT downloadable PDFs except as an optional extra way to view them. It’s not difficult to show the PDF within a web page.
  • Contact details – sometimes I have to search to find the phone number and email address.  By the way, the email address is only any use if you check for incoming email frequently.
  • Parking – walkers need to park, perhaps for several hours.  Many Peak District car parks are currently charging £7 for stays longer than 4 hours. Walkers will be happy to pay £5 to park at your pub, especially if redeemable against a meal in the pub.  It’s not difficult to come up with a simple charging method so you don’t need to be there 24×7 collecting cash nor do you need expensive ANPR monitoring.
  • There’s a lot more I could add but these are the basics and I’m happy to explain ways to improve on them. As for my frequent “It’s not difficult” I mean it’s not difficult for me, I’m that kind of guy! You may disagree so if you struggle with those tasks lets see if we can come up with a mutually beneficial alternative approach.


Is this a scam?

You may think tthe precautions you need to take sound like a nuisance.  Yes they are, that’s why so many people are careless and get scammed.
Read this story from CIFAS : £7.5 billion stolen as 1 in 10 Britons fall victim to scams in 12 months

A question I’m often asked.  That means the caller is suspicious and they are right to be, 90% are readily identifiable as scams. The other 10% are scams too just a bit less obvious.
It’s simple to protect yourself, just be alert to these warning signs and precautions:

  • If you recieve a communication of any kind from someone you don’t know and who you’ve not asked to contact you.
  • If there is any urgency to their request.
  • If there’s any payment involved, however small.
  • If an email has a button to press or an attachment to open don’t unless you are 100% certain of the sender, you are expecting the email and it is personalised.  Even then, if you have any concern whatsoever,  check back with the supposed sender.
  • Even if an email appears to come from a known contact, if it’s unexpected and includes a payment request (especially involving urgency), a link to click, an attachment to open, a phone number to call it’s far better to check than to be scammed.
  • If an email is advising you of a change of email, phone or web address, that could be the start of the process to steer you into a scam.
  • Never share passwords with anyone.
  • Never allow anyone you don’t know and trust to access your PC or mobile phone.
  • Threats to share your confidential data with friends, family, employers, HMRC, the Police unless you pay a fee.
  • If an offer seems too good to be true – it is!

The advent of Artificial Intelligence allied to the highly sophisticated skills of the crooks scams are becoming daily more convincing.  Given the amounts a successful scam can deliver to the fraudsters there’s no wonder they are prepared to go to such lengths. Soon the scams will feature AI generated moving images of friends or family speaking using AI generated copies of their voices. Photos and segments of speech posted on social media provide the source material for the AI systems to “learn” from.

Still not sure if someone’s trying to scam you? Ask us to check it out.